Friday, September 17, 2010

Marking Out Some Ideas

This week was devoted primarily to generating content related to the history and significance of Bluff Furnace. We are also inevitably starting to deal with stylistic questions, and it makes for an interesting mix. One example: should there be redundancy in what we present? Up side: the message gets through, as important points are emphasized through repetition. Down side: there’s less information presented anytime something is repeated. We call this the Redundancy Paradox. There’s no easy answer to it…

Part of the discussion occurred at the Mark Making studio, where we presented our preliminary schematics  and received feedback from Frances and Zach. It was decided that our next meeting will be aimed at some “Art 101” basics about how we can interpret the historic photo images of the Furnace on to our “canvas.”

Team BFRP welcomes  the inclusion of Tennessee Archaeology student Meredith Gilligan, who will be volunteering her time to the fabrication of the Bluff Furnace display.  Hooray for Meredith!

Last but not least, Mark Making and UTC Archaeology made a short presentation to the Public Art Committee concerning the Bluff Furnace project. We were encouraged with the reception we received, and Frances McDonald is currently working with the PAC to formalize an agreement for this project .

At the Mark Making Studio

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  1. If I wasn't personally given the blogs url I would have never found it. After reading the most recent news about the project on WUTC's blog. I decided to check in. I wasn't at my computer so I started searching all over Google adding and subtracting words. I think this is a great project that needs to have some press, especially on the web. That's just my two cents worth though.
    Oh and feel free to delete this post if it interrupts the flow of the blog