Monday, September 13, 2010

Generating (initial) Ideas

Team BFRP has been busy. After receiving some useful input from the UTC Tennessee Archaeology class (ANTH 3200) about what needs to be interpreted at Bluff Furnace, we worked for several hours on developing themes (content) during a brainstorming session on Sept. 9. That led to a consideration about what level of interpretation we should use (style). We decided to start with fairly simple messages, and lots of images, that would hopefully spark enough visitor interest that some might actually read the interpretive signs that are already present at various places near the site.

In our discussions it became apparent that specific information about viewscapes was needed, so we traveled to Bluff Furnace and took photos and measurements. We are now individually generating schematics of what each one of us thinks the finished product should look like. We have dubbed this first effort “Mark I.”  We plan to share our separate visions with each other next week when we start picking and choosing from our individual models to create a "Mark II" version that hopefully incorporates the best of all our ideas. Other versions will also likely follow. We plan to involve the ANTH 3200 class in assessing how effective our models are in terms of visual and historical stimulation.

Shea and Tanya measure viewscapes.

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