Friday, October 1, 2010

More Aesthetic/Historic/Interprative Decisions

The Bluff Furnace Posse spent an intense Friday afternoon at the Mark Making studio. The issues we wrestled with included viewscape depth-of-field parameters (angles and distances); text sizes; determining major color schemes at the site (low colors) and the complementary colors for the stack (high colors); placement of a time line in the exhibit; etc. We constructed our first scaled mock-up using acetate sketches of images.
The mock-up in all its (initial) glory.
Since the exhibit will be viewed from multiple locations, including the Hunter Museum overlook, the Walnut Street Bridge, the Pedestrian Bridge, the switchback portion of  the Riverwalk, the Tennessee River, and the Bluff Furnace interpretive "kiosk" directly adjacent to the stack, depth-of-field is a critically important (not to mention amazingly complex) factor in designing the exhibit. Before final fabrication, we plan on creating some full-scale panels to mount on the stack frame so that we have a sense of what does or does not work visually.

Zach points out one of the SIX potential viewscapes.
We also decided on an overall background color for the furnace substrate -- an appropriately archaeology-evoking earth tone (see below) -- and applied that color choice to the scale model. Then we taped on rough images and text. This allows us to evaluate how our messages/images fit in the context of the furnace stack.

Color possibilities.
The basal color sheet is applied.
Scaling out the lettering.
Acetate images are taped to the scale model.
We have now moved to a consensus about what will actually be on the Furnace, which is a huge step in this process. Check out this sneak preview:

Now it's a matter of refining some of the accompanying text and working up the smelting process schematic in more detail. Friday was a good day.

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